The fundamental precondition for analyzing processes and procedures is the consistent interpretation of the meaning of Information. Information we perceive has it’s meaning in a certain context. What is a context? A context is the model that was used to create the information and the purpose of creating the information for an individual or organization.


Relevant Information Services is bringing together specialists from different fields of knowledge to analyze concepts and create a “map” of the most relevant models and concepts. This "map" contains the definition of the terms used in the graphic above (Defintion of Main Terms), a list of concepts (Example List of Concepts) and important perspectives (Example List of Perspectives). This list of concepts constitutes the basis to reveal common ground and differences in the interpretation of words and provides a broad range of possible models to analyze different meanings.


The aim is to define a common basis for the relevance of information in spite of the many different models, perspectives and priorities of the involved persons. The differences in the use of concepts and the subsequent goals and acts require a common reference structure to become aware of the differences.


The context defines the relevance we attribute to information for our acting in processes and procedures. The common understanding of meaning and relevance is the precondition for effective communication and the adoption of relevant and optimal processes.