Data integration for vehicle information.





What is the value of a vehicle? Is it a market price or a price from a quotation with various discounts or an actual transaction price or is it the total cost over the life cycle? What determines the future value in the event of resale or a total loss? How can you link information from different sources to define a value?





As you can see, there are many possibilities to understand the value of a vehicle depending on the question of function and objectives you accept as basis of the evaluation, leaving the question what the "value" in the meaning of the customer benefit is, still untouched.





The combination of different data from different providers requires a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences in the compilation and the purpose of information. Only when the differences in the way data were recorded in the original sources like differences between collecting technical or marketing data or the differences between list prices and transaction prices are fully understood by all parties involved, we can begin to merge the information.





Joint workshops with specialists from different data suppliers to form a mutual understanding of the differences in the perception of seemingly related data made it possible to achieve the integration.