Optimization of vehicle claims process by the introduction of new processes integrated with innovative software and data.





How to introduce a new solution requiring a concurrent change of processes for all parties involved? How to demonstrate the value for parties involved in advance before the solution is introduced? What change in perspective is needed to find the path for a successful adoption of a new solution? How to realize the value of defining a software standard for processes, procedures and education?





Initial situation was a historical settlement of claims, which relied heavily on the individual behaviour of specialists supported by experience and Information from different sources. Since the system did not meet modern controlling requirements and tended to inefficiency and corruption in the claims process, a change was needed. A "sale" of data and software to individual companies alone was not possible, as the processes could not be changed by individuals without the involvement of the relevant partners.



Solution by Community Management


Since the acceptance and use of software solutions and standardized data by all stakeholders requires a change of workflows for all concerned, a complete reversal of the damage process with use of software from the beginning of the process to the final inspection as well as coordination of the data flow with the individual process steps was inevitable. Such a change is only possible through a community management with the involvement of all parties and guided by a driving stakeholder. This way the acceptance of the software as standard for processes and as part of the typical training of experts and representatives of claims departments was possible and led to successful change.





  • Are you also in a situation where a complete reshuffling of the processes is needed or many stakeholders need to be involved?
  • What change in perspective and approach will lead to success in your case?