Change in the automotive market for new vehicles through the introduction of online platforms.





What effect does the availability of online trading platforms have on the way cars are sold? How do the roles of the parties involved in the car market change? Are there ideal examples of online platforms and settlement proedures from other industries (amazon, ebay, Zalando, Elite Partner)? What is the goal: supporting publicity for dealers, initiating and filtering of contacts, stock sales or complete online commerce including the entire process until delivery? Are the importers, the individual vehicle dealer or the media industry the most important partner or are they competitors?





The environment is dominated by the changes that have just been completed in the used car market, like in many other industries by the developing of trading platforms that are still in the beginning in the new car market.





Depending on the preferred "road" very different possible partnerhsips and competitive situations arise with very different requirements for the processes and skills of the staff associated as well as the technical basis such as software and the design of the platform and the vehicle information needed. The technical solution consisted in a concerted development of data aligned with the requirements of a process which is open to a wide range of uses.





Efficient teamwork between data providers, software developers and the marketing and sales departments, cooperating in the processes analysis it is possible to create platforms open for future development and strategies.